Learn How to Share the Gospel on Campus

Have you considered starting a ministry on campus, or simply, becoming comfortable sharing the Gospel with other students? Check out this helpful guide.  

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Current Chapter Leaders: Get chapter resources

Gather advice to help your chapter meetings, evangelistic efforts, and discipleship run smoothly. Click the link below to read articles written by former chapter leaders!

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Cru Staff: Get Connected Locally

Partner with the Impact volunteers and/or students in your area to reach students of African descent. Gather the helpful materials that Impact chapters use and utilize them on your campus.

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Serve an Impact Chapter After You Graduate

Connect with chapter student leaders by serving as a campus rep, volunteer, or mentor. Here are a few ways to get involved after you're done with college.

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Information for Student Leaders

You can be God's light on your campus.
Would you like to learn what The Impact Movement believes? Read Impact Statement of Faith.
Are you considering joining the leadership team on your campus? Read Impact Student Leader Qualifications .
Are you looking for student commitment forms and ready to sign yours? Just Click here.